Gutter Inspection
Syracuse, NY

For the residents in Syracuse, NY, the health of their gutter system does not come first on their minds, well not until there’s a major gutter leak. It is strongly recommended that homeowners will avail a gutter inspection from professional gutter specialists at least twice a year. This is the primary process of how gutters are cleaned without gutter protection. This is a great start to detect small problems before they become bigger problems.

Benefits of Having a Gutter Inspection

When you go upstairs to inspect your gutter system, you can have more in-depth learning about your home’s gutter system. You’ll learn not only about the condition of your home’s gutters but also the condition of your gutter guards. When done by an expert from our company, you can learn things like:


  • Were there any issues made during installation?
  • Is there an existing leak on your gutters?
  • Was an appropriate sealant used?
  • How old are your house’s gutters vs. their lifespan?
  • What does a gutter inspection entail?

Phase 1 - Inspection

Our professional inspector will visually inspect your gutters and downspouts from the ground. They will look for holes, missing components, house clearances, loose downspouts, and signs of leaks. Any areas of concern will be more closely or thoroughly inspected during the next part of the process.

Phase 2 - Interior Inspection

Standard Gutters

Before we conduct a professional inspection of the interior gutter, all debris present on the gutters must be cleared. Then, we’ll use a hose to run water through the gutters of your home to check for leaks and ensure that the water flowing goes freely through the downspout. The contractor will then check the condition of all sealants used and hangers & fasteners to make sure they are not coming loose.

With Gutter Guards

Our professional contractor/s will then properly examine the protection of your gutter. They will look for issues or gaps from improper installation, obstructions caused by small debris, or any type of pests that made it through the gutters. If your gutter protection is healthy, your internal gutter system will be trouble-free.

We are the Gutter Professionals at Syracuse Gutter Cleaning

Our company has years of training & experience installing, repairing, and maintaining gutters & gutter guards in homes throughout Syracuse. We’re always installing or repairing gutter systems for the residents of the area. We’ve proven to be the best local Syracuse gutter service providers for the longest time. We offer free professional gutter tests/inspections before any estimates and a free annual inspection on every project that we tackle.

Services that we offer:


  • Downspout & Gutter Cleaning
  • Downspout & Gutter Repair
  • Downspout & Gutter Inspection
  • Exterior Soft Pressure Washing
  • Full Roof Cleaning
  • Full Roof Debris Removal


When you’re scheduling your gutter inspection with us, we consider many things to make sure everything’s okay. We will properly assess the scope of the work, whether it is a cleaning and a repair job.

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