Is There a Downside to Gutter Guards in Syracuse, NY?

If you’re considering purchasing gutter guards, you may wonder: “Is there a downside to gutter guards?” The answer depends on how you define a downside. Fortunately, most gutter guard complaints are the fault of the installers, not the gutter guard product itself. The problem often starts with the installers failing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Fortunately, the best gutter guard companies stand behind their work and provide installation guides. However, if the problem was your fault, you may want to contact the manufacturer and send them a photo.

If you’re considering installing gutter guards, you’re probably wondering how much they will cost. There are several types of gutter covers, and the price ranges widely. Vinyl grids and plastic PVC screens are the cheapest options. These flexible plastic panels lay above gutters and tuck under the drip edge. They can be cut to fit any size and are available in 15 to thirty-foot lengths. However, plastic PVC screens are prone to bending and damage in hot weather and UV light and can collapse in heavy snow and ice.

Typically, gutter guards clip onto the gutter; however, some are designed to be screwed to the gutter’s hinge. Hinged gutter guards can be mesh or screen style and can be made from several materials. Before you buy a gutter guard, be sure to research the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing one. The manufacturer should have at least five years of experience installing gutter guards. If you’re uncomfortable installing them yourself, consider hiring a professional.

A significant concern in gutter guards is their durability. If you’re looking for a product that will last for years, you’ll want to choose a brand with a good warranty. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for reviews of specific gutter guard companies. In addition to BBB ratings, you can read customer testimonials and learn about the company’s reputation. A good company will have good customer reviews and solid BBB ratings.

One factor to consider when selecting a gutter guard is how difficult they are to install. Although most are easy to install, some are intended to be screwed onto the gutter at a hinge. This general mesh or screen styles screw into place. There are different materials for these gutter guards, so take the time to read product reviews before making a purchase. Then, consider your roof’s slope and how much weight it can handle.

The installation of gutter guards requires a few essential safety precautions. First, wearing protective gear when working on a ladder is imperative. Incorrect positioning can result in a fall or other serious injury. Also, if the ladder is unstable, you could fall. Even an experienced weekend warrior could fall and injure themselves. Every year, half a million Americans are treated for ladder-related injuries. Additionally, 300 people die due to ladder-related accidents.

To install gutter guards, you will need a ladder and some tools. Some tools are helpful, including screwdrivers and hammers. A tape measure is essential as well. A metal shear is also beneficial in cutting a gutter guard’s extra space. Leave about an inch of space between the gutter guard and shingles. Remember to inspect the gutter guards annually to ensure they’re working correctly.

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