Gutter Repair and Gutter Cleaning: Protect Your Home’s Value

The objective of gutter repair is to make your gutters function the way they were designed. In essence, a professional contractor performs gutter replacement when there is a need to replace an entire gutter system. Typically, a gutter replacement includes:


Checking for missing sections, loose downspouts, broken downspouts or missing pieces. Locate the gutter drain outlet on a level foundation, with the downspout connected. If the downspout is leaning at any angle, this could be a sign of a problem that requires repair to the entire rain gutter system.


Another sign of possible gutter repair is visible rust on the roofing system. There are different signs of rust, so depending on the location of the rust, you may need to perform gutter repair or roof cleaning services. For example, rust on a metal roof may need to be exposed for repair or roof cleaning. Similarly, rust on a wood roofing system could mean it needs to be stripped down to the bare wood for repair.


Inspect your gutters for signs of erosion. Erosion can occur at anytime, but usually happens during the winter months when water is let into the gutters. A small hole or other type of break in the surface of the downspout may indicate it’s time for a gutter repair. Look also for discoloration and excess water dripping from the downspout holes.


If your gutters are made from metal or have a metallic finish, inspect them carefully for cracks and corrosion. You may have noticed small holes where water is leaking or water is dripping from the corners of your gutters. If you notice any such crack or opening, you need to perform gutter repair immediately. Discoloration of the cap may mean the end caps have been compromised and need to be replaced.


Your gutters are at risk of extreme weather conditions. High winds, heavy rains, storms and other types of weather damage cause the gutters to sag and become damaged. You need to perform emergency repairs when this damage occurs. If the damage continues or gets worse, you need to contact a professional service provider to perform an immediate repair. Find out if the damage is severe enough that it will require extensive repairs.


You may think that minor damage to your gutters is nothing to worry about. In many cases, the damage is not as severe as you think and can be repaired easily. If you are in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions, it is best to call a professional to assist in gutter repair. An inspection of your gutters and repair as soon as possible can save you the trouble of dealing with extensive damage if water damage occurs.


Your downspouts play an important role in the gutter cleaning process. The water from the runoff goes into the downspouts and then flows into the ground. In order for the downspouts to work correctly, they must be free of any debris such as twigs or leaves. If the downspouts are clogged, they will not function properly and could require the need for replacement.


You may think that minor repairs to your gutters will not necessitate the need for gutter replacement. But, if the water from heavy rains has covered your gutters, the downspouts will eventually collapse. If the gutter replacement is not performed quickly, you could end up with cracks in the floor or walls. Cracks in the walls may allow moisture to seep in and compromise your home’s foundation.


Gutter repairs can also damage your windows and doors. When the water flows over the glass or doors, it can cause damage and may also leave small holes. A gutter cleaning company can assess the extent of the damage and tell you whether you need a new putter, or a repair job. If the damage is minor, you can have the damage repaired for free. But if it is extensive, you may need to purchase the materials yourself.


Having a cleaning and repair service to perform these tasks for you will not only save you money but will also give you peace of mind knowing your home is in safe hands. With a free estimate, you can discuss the details and determine whether you want to proceed with the installation or cleaning. By having these jobs done professionally, you can be confident that your home will remain spotless, and that you do not need to make additional repairs due to unsightly damage.

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