Gutter Cleaning

The cost of cleaning gutter systems will depend on several factors including the size of the home and the number of Stories in your house. For instance: Gutter cleaning costs on a single-family home will be different than the cost for a ranch style house. The cost will also be different if you have a big yard as well. The main thing to keep in mind is to get the lowest cost in the long run. That is what you are after, right?


Gutter cleaning is an integral part of home maintenance. A clean gutter reduces the risk of having roots and other debris snacking throughout your eaves, foundation, and downspouts. This causes leaks and foundation damage which cost money to repair. Another concern is the potential for insect infestation. By keeping your gutter clean, you reduce the risk of having unwanted birds and other rodents ingesting the dirt and debris.


When it comes to basement flooding, gutter cleaning is absolutely necessary. Basements are not waterproof. Water can easily find its way into the basement through the cracks in the foundation and other routes. And when there is excess moisture in the basement, this can lead to the growth of mold and mildew which can be toxic to your family. Having a clean gutter system will go a long way in preventing basement flooding.


The rooftop runoff – Whether you have an attached, detached, or unheated attic, rooftop runoff can cause damage to the surrounding foundation, shingles, and landscaping. Without timely and regular maintenance, rooftop runoff can collect along the edges of the gutters and flow toward the downspouts creating potential flooding. Regular maintenance will prevent this. For detached roofs, professionals can perform a thorough inspection and cleaning to detect any areas that are clogged. In many areas, the drainage can be manually rerouted to clear away any obstructions.


If you live in an area where snowfall is common, consider cleaning your gutters regularly to keep them clean. Clogged gutters let excess debris fall into the water which can create pools and soggy pockets where bacteria and other insects can grow. This can create unpleasant odors and attract unwanted wildlife to the area. A simple cleaning and replacement will keep your gutters clear so that they function properly and don’t encourage the formation of mold and mildew.


When it comes to downspouts, most people don’t realize the importance of regular gutter cleaning. It’s important to check the condition of the downspouts regularly to ensure that they are free of debris. While many people mistakenly think that the water goes up the roof, which causes the sump basin, only a portion of it actually flows over the roof. Any debris that flows down the downspouts can collect along the edges and under the eaves of the house, creating unwanted mess and smells. A routine cleaning and preventative maintenance will help keep your gutters clean and your roof in good condition.


There are also special situations when gutter cleaning is absolutely necessary. In areas where there is frequent heavy rainfall or if the soil has lots of clay, algae, tree roots, and other matter, clogged gutters are a common problem. These can result in unsightly water stains, unhealthy moss growth, and mold infestation. Not only can mold cause health problems for you and your family, it can also drive up real estate prices. In these cases, professional cleaning is critical to ensure that the area stays clean and free from unsightly pollutants. And even when problems with clogged gutters do occur, they often can be fixed without a great deal of expense and difficulty.


Another possibility for gutter cleaning is related to the presence of leaves and other debris. If there is not enough time to fully clean the gutters, at least a partial cleaning will help prevent future problems. Gutter cleaning is done periodically, usually every year, to remove debris that builds up in the system over time, as well as to prevent leaves and twigs from entering into the drainage system. When leaves and twigs are present, the water collects in the gutter channel, filtering out debris as it goes through until it reaches the downspout.

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